Thai Intel Group

 Thai Intel Group

My name is Terence J. Chulavachana, a Thai American who is a San Franciscan. I am the founder of Thai Intel Group, a consultancy in Strategic Communications, a media unit called Thai Intel Group of Blogs and in the startup phase of several E-Commerce ventures.

1) Consultancy

I started my career with Trans Global Enterprise, a firm in San Francisco involved with a stock market investment fund management, property development, and global trade and became a lifelong journalist, editor, writer, and blogger. Along the way, I also became a political activist and a novelist.

I founded Thai Intel Group and have given consultations to, and advised many. I am an “Information Researcher, Evaluator and Designer” such as in assisting IHS Jane’s & EIU. I am available to provide services, such as “Consultancy Advisor, Board Member, and Moderator.” For information and guidance on this, please see this blog’s page: “Consultancy and Other Services.”

My career has been stellar, resulting in a wealth of quality and cutting-edge knowledge, from strategic to operational oversight, management, and implementation.

2) Thai Intel Group of Blogs

Thai Intel Group of Blogs was started in 2008 with Thai Intelligence News Blog. The blog is a “Liberal Democracy” with “Progressive Elements” activist blog on Thailand issues. Since then more blogs were added, resulting in Thai Intel Group of Blogs, with now, a total of 12 blogs.

Blog hits at Thai Intel Group of Blogs, combined, is about 4 million, with about 3,500 email subscribers. Some posts are archived by USA Library of Congress and many are ranked high on Google search. The blogs are the core of social media activities, such as with Twitter. Kred ranks me as a top 1% social media influencer.

The following are blogs in the group:

1) Terence Chulavachana Blog: At times I write, relating to issues I am interested in on a personal level and also issues exceptionally important to me. You are welcome to see the blog at > Terence Chulavachana. The accompanying Twitter is @T_Chulavachana

2) Novels Blog: On my first novel, House of the Four Cracked Doors, some professional critics like it, others highly critical. One critic said the novel reminds him of Hunter S. Thompson and another said the novel is not a novel, but an outline of a novel. On my second novel, Never Marry Asians, I am writing it and posting the progress on Terence Chulavachana Novels. For me, however, I never came around to get serious with sales & marketing of my first novel. You are welcome to see the above in detail or read the novel at > Terence Chulavachana Novels. The accompanying Twitter is @T_Chulavachana

3) America Issues Blog: For the past few years, I focused mostly, on global & American issues. You are welcome to see the blog at > Terence Writings. The accompanying Twitter is @Terence_Writing

4) Men’s Magazine Blog: I started a men’s magazine blog and overall, I have got about 100,000 hits with about 1,600 email subscriber. You are welcome to see the blog at > Men’s Night Out. The accompanying Twitter is @TerenceCurious

5) Global News Blog: I am on some vacation, looking at travel, tech & global news. You are welcome to see the blog at > Terence Global News. The accompanying Twitter is @TerenceCurious

Other Blogs:

There is little activity at the blogs listed below, as Thailand is engulfed with Totalitarianism & I shifted to focus on global and American issues

News on Thailand:

1) Thai Intelligence News (A Democratic Activist Blog) link

2) Thai Intel News Center (A Daily Dose of Thai News) link

3) Thai Intel Economic News (Thailand’s Economic News) link

4) Thai Intel Diplomacy News (Thailand’s Diplomacy & Defense News) link

News on Asia:

1) Thai Intel ASEAN News (ASEAN News & Analysis) link 

Journalism News:

1) Thai Intel Investigative News (Investigative Reports) link  

2) Thai Intel Journalism News (News on Thai Journalism) link 

3) E-Commerce

I have a great deal of experience on the internet & social media, therefore, with my background in business, I am a qualified at customer management through social media. Thai Intel Group is in the startup phase of several E-Commerce ventures, namely in merchandising and social media advertising and related services (This section updated when milestones accomplished).


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