The EU High Representative, Ashton, called all sides in Thailand to commit to dialogue & clear elections timetable

Over the past 10 to 15 years or so, polling of public opinion became popular in Thailand, and a number of pollster came into being in Thailand. But most of them are attached to this or that unit and body, and as have been noted by many, politics have crept into Thailand’s polling business. However, for about 10 to 15 years now, in poll after poll, by anyone, and also numerous researches, all of them found, that about 75% of the Thais want democracy, and 25% want some form of dictatorship.

As always, when Thai politics gets hot, these poll will rush out and do an polling of the Thais and recently, a great deal of poll result have caused controversy. Some poll says about 50% of Thais want a “neutral” government or prime minister, meaning a compromise between democracy and dictatorship, for a “Gray Area” government. Other poll said Thais want “Reform the Country” before the next election, meaning as anti-government, Suthep’s movement want. Other poll goes as far as identifying who the “Neutral” prime minister should be. Other poll found most Thais cannot think of anyone who is “neutral” and do not believe there is anyone neutral.

Of course, the concept of “Neutral” prime minister, as a prescription to a political crisis, had occurred before in Thailand, and not just once but many times. In Prem’s case for example, a civilian government was propped up and under the control of the military, represented by Prem, and while originally everyone though the Prem government will “Come and Go” when things settled down, Prem remain the “Gray Area” prime minister for about 10 years.

In sum, with Prem’s “Gray Area” government, Thailand’s democratic development was frozened in time for about 10 years, and underneath the Prem government, resentment was simmering.

And where is Thailand today, after that long bout of Prem’s “Gray Area” neutral government that compromised democracy and dictatorship, well, Thailand today, is still the same country, with a conflict between those who loves democracy and those who want dictatorship. Did Prem’s “Gray Area” special situation government helped solved anything?

The EU High Representative called all sides to commit to dialogue (Source)

Ashton calls for a clear elections timetable in Thailand



28.03.2014 – 08:44

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton asked from the national authorities in Thailand to set a clear timetable for new elections in Thailand.

On 27 March, the spokesperson of Baroness Ashton issued a statement on the situation in Thailand saying:

“The High Representative notes the ruling of Thailand’s Constitutional Court of 21 March 2014 and calls upon the relevant authorities to set a clear timetable for new elections in line  with Thailand’s democratic and constitutional framework.

She calls on all sides to commit to dialogue to find a peaceful, lasting solution and ensure
that new elections involve the broadest possible participation.

The High Representative reiterates her urgent call on all involved to refrain from violence and
act in accordance with democratic principles and the rule of law.”

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