Thai government tells US, UN about “undemocratic moves” & “judicial coups”

Actually, at most governments globally and especially at the UN, there are what is called “Country Specialist” and these country specialist are of course experts in a country. And so, while there are ignorance globally, most governments, already knows, about the “Judicial Coup” and “Independent Units Coup” that is going on in Thailand. In fact, even much of global press and think tanks, have also recognize these “Coups” issues in Thailand. Reuters, Economist, HIS Janes Intelligence, New York Times, and other, have all reported and made analysis on the impact of both “Judicial Coup” and Independent Units Coup” in Thailand.

But of course, for the Yingluck government to make a contact, on the issue, to the UN and USA, indicates a “Diplomatic offensive” against the Bangkok establishment that is supporting the corrupt usage of the justice system and the check-and-balance system. However, relationship between countries, often is not based on what is right or wrong, or factual reality of the situation, but it is often based on “National Interest.” Often, what a country sees and benefitting its self-interest most, has little to do with anything, again, about what is right and proper.

Thai party tells US, UN about ‘undemocratic moves’ (Source)


March 27, 2014

Bangkok: A Thai government party Thursday sent a letter to US President Barack Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, saying Thailand’s democratic rule had been effectually thwarted and disrupted by “undemocratic” elements.

Pheu Thai Party deputy secretary general Anuttama Amornvivat announced that the party’s letter was intended to inform of the sustained, unlawful moves which had stood in the way of the democratic process in this country over the past several months, Xinhua reported.

The letter said that the Thai political conflict had prompted those who were obviously opposed to democratic rule to create unrest on the streets of Bangkok as well as forcibly thwart and disrupt the Feb 2 election which was recently judged as null and void by the Constitutional Court.
“We’d like the world to see how Thailand’s democratic rule has been obstructed in an unlawful and unjust fashion. We are calling on the international community to keep a close watch on developments of the political situation in this country,” she said.

Acting Premier Yingluck Shinawatra Tuesday reassured her caretaker government would not succumb to any undemocratic moves and would continue to run the country until a post-election government has been set up.

A new nationwide election is expected to be held by the Election Commission within 60 days of the court voiding the earlier election.
According to the Pheu Thai Party, the anti-government protesters headed by former deputy premier Suthep Thaugsuban and several ex-Democrat Party legislators had pushed for the naming of a non-elected prime minister in place of an elected one in sheer disrespect of the constitution and democratic rule.

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