Battle of The Righteousness? Human Trafficking in Thailand & USA brings out “Hypocrisy”

Battle of the Righteousness?

As the USA and its press targets Thailand with strong criticism of human trafficking, the news units, Liberty Voice, reports that human trafficking in the USA, as related to migrant farmers, such as in the tomato industry, is an example of worse human trafficking, in the USA, than in Thailand. Everyone agrees that human trafficking is wrong and in-humane, but so is “Hypocrisy” in the attempt to rid the world of this ugly practice, in linking human trafficking to relations between countries, when one side, in this case, USA, is a super power, going after a crime, in a developing county. What can a developing country, like Thailand do?

The following is from (Source)

Labor Min hopeful of Thailand’s better ranking on human trafficking

BANGKOK, 26 March 2014 (NNT) – The Ministry of Labor is satisfied with the latest meeting with various agencies to evaluate the problem of human trafficking and illegal labor, setting high hopes that Thailand’s ranking on the US Priority Watch List (PWL) will improve.

Permanent Secretary for Labor Jirasak Sukhonthachart said the ministry held a meeting today on the topic of human trafficking with Thai Ambassador to the US Wichawat Issarapakdee and executives of Holland & Knight, a company providing reports on the Thai human trafficking situation to the US. The meeting was also attended by such relevant agencies as the Commerce Ministry, the Fisheries Department, the Marine Police Division and NGOs.

The participating agencies presented reports on progress in their efforts to tackle human trafficking, child labor, forced labor and alien labor in the industries they were supervising or dealing with. Representatives of the Labor Ministry, on this occasion, proposed measures for preventing the employment of illegal labor and taking care of those victimized by the practice.

After hearing the briefings, the Thai Ambassador to the US was reportedly content with the overall progress made so far, citing that the agencies involved seemed to have concrete operational plans in place and had been collaborating efficiently with one another. On that note, he was optimistic that Thailand’s standing on the PWL on human trafficking would be maintained at 2.5, instead of being lowered to 3.

Meanwhile, Richard Gold from Holland & Knight said Thailand’s efforts to eliminate human trafficking were currently evident in both the public and private sectors. However, he wished for more cooperation from small enterprises, industrial plants located in border areas and operators in the fishing industry. He added that the US Congress would be informed of the progress in Thailand accordingly.

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