Thai police & military casualties in militant infected Deep South doubles in 2013 from 2012 figures

Police and military casualties from the southern unrest more than doubled to 129 in 2013, from last year 60. The horrific rise comes despite peace talks with separatist militants, according to Police Operational Centre in the Southern Provinces report.

Of the 267 deaths of officials and civilians in 2013, 36 were police; 93 were soldiers, rangers and marines; 132 were civilians; five were teachers and one was a monk, said the report by the.  In 2012, the death toll was 21 police, 39 military personnel and 223 civilians, with no details about other people, according to the centre.

On the militant side, 51 militants were killed, which was more than the previous year’s unspecified figure due to an increase in raids and blockades on 45 incidents, which saw 18 of them killed after firefights. Out of 513 security warrants, 562 suspects were arrested.

There were 1,539 incidents as of December 23, up from 1,465. They were broken down into 514 shootings, 87 arson attacks, three brutal murders, eight assaults, 24 ambushes, 714 disturbances of the peace and one protest.

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