Case proves Thailand is a supply base for global terrorism

English: Ammonium nitrate

English: Ammonium nitrate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand as a supply base for global terrorism? AP reports, “A Thai court Wednesday sentenced a Swedish man of Lebanese origin to prison for illegal possession of bomb-making materials that he was storing in a warehouse outside Bangkok. Atris Hussein was arrested Jan. 12, 2012 at Bangkok’s main airport after a tipoff from Israeli police who claimed he was going to stage a terrorist attack in Thailand. After being questioned, the 49-year-old led police to a warehouse that contained more than 2,800 kilograms of liquid ammonium nitrate and 4,000 kg of urea fertilizer, both of which can be used to make explosives. Thai authorities have accused Hussein of links to Hezbollah militants and say he was storing the items in Bangkok before planning to ship them to another destination. The court convicted and sentenced Hussein to two years and eight months in prison for illegal possession of the ammonium nitrate, which is a banned substance under Thailand’s Weapons Act. It did not convict him for possession of the fertilizer, which is not considered an illegal substance. (Read More)


One thought on “Case proves Thailand is a supply base for global terrorism

  1. Scary to think someone could amass such quantities of bomb making ‘ingredients’. However, I guess the good side to this story is that he got caught and sentenced. Surely this situation isn’t common place in Thailand, and the court/forces have sent a clear message?

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