Yingluck at UN: To fight for Thai Democracy & Quality of Life for migrant workers

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

United Nations Human Rights Council logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several local press reports that in Yingluck’s address to the United Nations Human Rights Council inGeneva, she said Thailand had set up a “Workshop” on lifting the quality of life of migrant workers in Thailand and that she will fight for democracy in Thailand. “Thailand has created a work-shop to take better care of migrants workers,” said Yingluck, on the issue of poor quality of life of migrant workers in Thailand. On Democracy, she said, “Thailand’s road toward democracy remains fraught with challenges, but threats to such progress are unacceptable and must be fought.” “Thailand has also gone through challenges to defend our democracy over the decades. The journey has not been smooth, and even today, I still have to defend democracy from undemocratic minds……..We cannot and should not accept any undemocratic changes. And we must continue to support democratic values by protecting peoples rights and liberties,” she added. When Yingluck gave a strong speech on Democracy inMongolia, the Thai elite establishment were outraged, with many calling Yingluck a whore, for selling out Thailand’s interest.

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