China to buy 1 million tons of Thai rice, to quote, “Foster Thai China Relationship”

Rice up close

Rice up close (Photo credit: Rowan Peter)

Matichon, a newspaper for the progressive intellect in Thailand, reports China had agreed to purchase 1 million tonnes of Thai rice, and the exact words by the China’s PM, is “To help foster the Thai Chinese friendship.” Thailand is walking a tight rope, trying to balance its relations with China, ASEAN and the West. Yingluck is under pressure from the West’s press, to stop her rice subsidy scheme, buying above market price resulting a stockpile of rice, but higher farmer’s income. Latest figure from Thai officials, says that the rice stock is below 10 millions tonnes. Yingluck and China’s leaders, also agreed on a variety of other friendship building measures, including support to the Thai Malaysia joint concept of a “Rubber City.” (Source)

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