Ukraine to send another batch of 21 BRT armored personal carriers to Thailand

English: Soviet-built BTR-60 armored personnel...

English: Soviet-built BTR-60 armored personnel carriers seized by U.S. military personnel during Operation Urgent Fury.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ukraine is preparing to send another batch of 21 BTR armored personnel carriers assembled by domestic defense industry enterprises to Thailand under a contract with the Royal Thai Army. Wikipedia reports 96 BTR-3E1s delivered with the price tag of 4 billion baht, 120 more on order from Ukraine.[5] The first 2 of 96 BTR-3E1 have been delivered at U Tapao Airport on 17 September 2010.[6] The second batch of 121 BTR-3E1s with a price tag of 5 billion baht have been ordered by Royal Thai Army and 14 BTR-3E1s have been ordered by Royal Thai Navy to be used byRoyal Thai Marine Corps in August 2010 with the MTU Engine and Edison Gear. The Royal Thai Army plans to use the BTR-3E1 as the backbone for one regiment of create the Mobile Infantry regiment which require 288 BTR-3E1s even the first 96 BTR-3E1 would be enough to create only one mobile infantry battalion. The first 96 BTR-3E1 consisted of seven variation models including 64 BTR-3E1 for infantry mobilization, four BTR-3E1 for commanders, three BTR-3E1s for field medics, nine BTR-3E1s for mobilized 81-mm grenade launchers, four BTR-3E1s for mobilized 120-mm grenade launchers, six BTR-3E1s for ATMS anti-tank rocket unit, and six BTR-3E1s for salvaging tasks. Furthermore, the Ukrainian government has given five BTR-3E1s for free including four BTR-3E1s for infantry mobilization and one BTR-3E1 for salvaging tasks in addition to the first batch of 96 BTR-3E1s, while making a contract for the maintenance of nine BTR-3E1.[7] The batch of 12 BTR-3E1s for Royal Thai Marine Corps have reached Thung Prong Port in Sattahip on 24 June 2011 and the ceremony has been held on 29 July 2011. These BTR-3E1 vehicles are to replace the aging V-150 armoured vehicles which will be kept in the Reconnaissance Battalion of Royal Thai Marine Corps before being deployed in three southern provinces. (Source)

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