Thailand News Worth: Colombia establishes embassy in Thailand

From Thailand News Worth; On July 12, 2013, María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar, Foreign Minister, Republic of Colombia paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at the Ivory Room of Government House. This visit of the Colombian Foreign Minister was to strengthen bilateral relations between Thailand and Colombia, as well as to expand trade and investment cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries. The Colombian Foreign Minister expressed her pleasure on her first official visit to Thailand. She was also scheduled to preside over an official opening ceremony of the embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Thailand, and a meeting of Colombian ambassadors for the Asia-Pacific region. The re-opening of the Colombian embassy and an organization of the aforementioned meeting in Thailand reflected Thailand’s significance as Colombia’s ally in the Southeast Asian region. PM Yingluck stated that Thailand and Colombia both stood firm on democratic path and human rights as well as their intent to promote the people’s better quality of life. At present, the Thai Government planned to implement domestic infrastructure investment projects as part of the preparation to become the transport hub of and the gateway to ASEAN Community which would be realized in 2015. PM Yingluck also commended Colombia’s attempt to seek solutions on the conflict with FARC, to alleviate poverty, and to empower women. Thailand also put priorities on these problems and would be pleased if the two countries could further discuss and exchange views, and expand mutual cooperation on the matters. PM Yingluck also conveyed her appreciation to the President of Colombia for his extension of invitation for the Prime Minister’s official visit in Colombia next year. The Thai Government would consider the invitation and notify the Colombian President soon of the matter. (Source)

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