Janes: USA humanitarian program deploy MineWolf for first time on Thai Cambodian border

janes reports, MineWolf machine is currently conducting clearance operations in Thailand for the very first time. A Mini MineWolf (MW240) has been deployed to South-Eastern Thailand by the United States Humanitarian Demining R&D Program (HD R&D) who is working along with the Thailand Mine Action Centre (TMAC) and Minewolf Systems to conduct an operational field assessment (OFE) of the MW240. The machine has been be assigned to the Humanitarian Mine Action Unit 2 (HMAU2) which conducts mine action in one of the four mine affected regions of Thailand along the Cambodian border. To ensure that TMAC is able to fully utilize the Mini MineWolf, MineWolf Systems have been contracted by HD R&D for 12 months to train, mentor and support the TMAC operators and mechanics throughout the OFE. Eight TMAC personnel started a four week operator/maintainer training course in early March and started operations at the beginning of April. The project involves the MineWolf Systems team working with several clients to train and support the end-users to get the best from their machines and expedite the mine clearance process in their country.(Source)

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