All Africa: With booming Africa, a Thai African Forum, after first ever road-map to continent

A Thai-Africa High-Level Forum will be held in Bangkok in the near future, and already, participants are talking about the meeting. Backed by the African continent comprises 20% of the world’s land mass spread between its 54 countries, with a population of more than one billion and rich natural and mineral resources, Thailand is keen of using its position as the center of ASEAN to explore opportinuties in the region. Oil, natural gas are examples of Africa’s richness, and the continent is one of the fastest growing regions on the globe. Thailand has lay out it first ever road-map of Thai African relations. All Africa reports: “Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Minister of Foreign AffairsEthiopia, held discussions with Thai Permanent Secretary, Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkeow on 12 June, 2013. Discussions between the two officials mainly centered on the Thai-Africa initiative and the country’s plans to host the first ever The Permanent Secretary expressed that the Thai-Africa initiative and his visit to Ethiopia was aimed at promoting and strengthening Thailand’s relations with Africa as whole, and Ethiopia in particular. He highlighted Thailand’s firm belief that Africa was a region on the rise. In regard to the proposed Thai-Africa High Level Forum, the Permanent Secretary explained that the forum would act as a platform for further global south-south cooperation, broader economic partnership and solidarity in the face of global challenges. Dr. Tedros thanked the delegation for their visit and interest in enhancing the partnership between Thailand and Africa in general, and with Ethiopia in particular. He urged Thailand to upgrade its presence in Addis Ababa. Dr. Tedros also went on to highlight the close relations between the peoples and governments of the two countries in the areas of trade, medical tourism and aviation.” (Source)

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