Thai Intel: Thais in Deep South mostly supports Yingluck’s government talks with militant

After Yingluck took Thailand on “Talks” with the militant in the Deep South, that often act as terrorist, Abhisit Dems came out to demand that Yingluck called off the talks, on several occasion. Abhisit rationale is that Yingluck is being fooled by the militant terrorist into talks, and the talks would give the militants the upper-hand on separating the three southern province into a separate country. However, Yingluck maintains that the talks are beneficial, in the long-term. And to calm concerns, over security, Yingluck appointed a Thai soldier, known as a capable military commander, to head the military efforts in the Deep South. However, while polls in Thailand are seldom correct, two polls, one earlier in the year, and another one a few days ago, says about 60% to 70% of the Thais in the Deep South welcomes the talk. The three province in the Deep South, in the last election, had voted for Abhisit, as Yingluck campaigned on partial self governing, such as in Pattaya and Bangkok. WhileThaksin is often blame for igniting the Deep South militant, lately, many non-political Thai intelligence related people, have beern making statements that the militant were preparing for a military action, for year, before Thansin became Thailand’s PM.

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