NYT: Thai military suffers one of highest casualty by a single militant attack incident

Seven soldiers were killed Saturday in a roadside bomb attack in southern Thailand, where insurgents have been active for years. The casualty number was one of the largest suffered by Thai military in years. Col. Metha Singhasena, a police official, said a group of attackers, suspected of being insurgents, detonated the bomb on a rural road in the Krong Pinang district in Yala Province as military vehicles were passing by. He said 10 soldiers were on a multipurpose truck and an armored personnel vehicle after finishing a patrol early Saturday. An improvised bomb, hidden under the surface of the road, destroyed the truck and killed seven soldiers, Colonel Metha said. Two officers and a villager were wounded in the attack, and one soldier was missing. More than 5,000 people have been killed inThailand’s three southernmost, Muslim-majority provinces since an Islamic insurgency erupted in 2004. The rest of the country is largely Buddhist. Attacks occur almost daily despite the government’s efforts to engage in talks with the Muslim rebels. This month, the Thai government and Muslim separatist negotiators said they hoped to curb violence in the region during Ramadan, the comingMuslim fasting month. (Source)

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