Blog Opinion: Time to go on offensive military strategy in Thailand’s Deep South

By Terence Chulavachana;

Today, Thai security forces raid in Yala‘s Bannang Sata area, in the militant infected Thai Deep South, clashing with militants, and one suspected insurgent killed. If you have been following Thailand, that type of news, of a Thai security force “Raid” is seldom heard of. Long been hammered into the heads of Thai security forces, is that Bangkok Elite Establishment, have treated the mostly Muslim in the Deep South as a second class citizen, and that has caused the rise of the separatist militant movement. There is a great deal of truth there, and even today, global security units will often write reports, saying to the Muslim of the Deep South, social-justice and just plain justice, is the big issue in the “battle for the hearts and minds” of the people there. The assumption, of course, is that if the battle for the heart and mind is won, there will be peace and the threat of the Deep South separation into an independent country minimizes.

The result is that Thailand’s security force in the Deep South, shrunk, into being non effective, in anything and everything.

But after all these years now, with the militant, acting more like “Terrorist” than human beings, the question comes up, if all of the above assumption still hold water. This blog argues, the time for the battle for the heart and minds of the Southern people has passed. The battle now, is just simply to “Save Lives” of the people in the Deep South from being hit by the militant terrorist. In sum, the Thai security apparatus, must increase its offensive operation, in the hope of stopping the militant from killing the people there. That said, there is a danger for the Thai security forces, to get caught up in a “hawkish” mindset, that can see increase offensive military action, comes with ill treatment of the people there. The correct mind-set for the Thai security forces, must always be, “We are here to make the people’s lives better.”


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