Thai National Security Council says talk with rebel beneficial in long-run

By Thai News; The National Security Council (NSC) believes that the continuity of talks with the BRN will reduce violence in the restive South in the long run. NSC Secretary General Lt Gen Paradorn Pattanatabutr said despite a series of unrest in the three southernmost provinces, talks with the BRN will continue with the soonest one scheduled for June 13th, 201. He said the attacks are an attempt to undermine the talks, adding that further peaceful discussion with the BRN will reveal which militant group is responsible for the violence. The NSC Secretary General stated that previous talks with BRN representatives had disclosed that some of them still oppose the peaceful talks thinking that using violence would be to their advantage. He added that the BRN will try to communicate with local factions again. Lt Gen Paradorn said the southern situation is still under control particularly in the areas where the National Security Act has been enforced. He said it is not necessary now to go back to using emergency decree in keeping law and order. (Source)

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