Thai PM Yingluck orders focus on “Development & Peaceful Means” as solution to Deep South militancy

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is re-focusing her Deep South solution efforts to “Development.” In that push for development, she insisted the solution to the Deep South crisis, must be through peaceful means. Yingluck today instructed state agencies to strictly adhere to peaceful means to resolving the escalating violence in Thailand’s far South. In a meeting with high-level officials on security in the South, she reportedly called on the Centre to Mobilise Policy and Strategy to Solve Problems in the Southern Border Provinces to urgently and clearly define areas in the region to facilitate the government’s implementation of various development projects. National Security Council (NSC) Secretary General Paradorn Pattathabut, who attended the meeting, said the premier repeatedly ordered security officials to resolve the southern crisis in a peaceful manner. He gave reassurances that the southern situation is under control though opponents have been trying to call for attention with “psychological politics.” He said the army was leaving all doors open for communication with all factions. Malaysia is helping Thailand, start a communication process, between the militants and the Thai government. However, the militant have maintained its usage of violence, targeting high level government (Source).

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